custom-products-page-1Transport Custom Designs’ luxury motorhomes (also referred to as motor coaches) range in length from 16 to 35 ft behind the cab. Just like all of our other products, our motorhomes are designed and built from scratch for each one of our clients. After taking in all of our clients needs, we then design a unique floor plan to match those needs.

Want a bedroom directly behind the cab with a living space in the back? We’ll do it. Want four slide-outs rooms in your motorhome truck conversion? We’ll do it. Need a lift gate in your motorhome to haul four cars? We can do that too. Wish you could have a fold-out outdoor entertainment system for the race or football game? Let us know and we’ll build it in for you.

custom-products-page-2Once the shell is complete, our finishing team furnishes the vehicle with everything from premium wood cabinets, wainscoting (including teak, birds-eye maple, and carpathian elm burl woods), and marble floors to plasma TVs with remote drop-down mounts, full Bose surround sound systems, Flex steel furniture, and granite countertops. We often even install mobile satellite tracking systems for continuous television and Internet use while on the move.

Our motorhomes are classified into two different models, our Omega™ series and our Apollos™ series. Our motorhome options and specifications will be online very soon, but in the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at pictures of some of the past motorhomes we have built.