Transport Designs is extremely pleased to have recently won the Dell / National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Excellence Award for 2008! The award is given each year to a company that demonstrates an exceptional use of technology to serve their clients…

Our extensive use of AutoCAD and other software for all of our vehicle designs, our state-of-the-art website, and our vehicle progress tracking system have all been recognized by the award panel as a leading example in the small business community.

We encourage you to take look at what other organizations are saying about us (below).

Transport Designs Wins Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award

What makes Transport Designs such a technology guru? When you buy a motor home from Transport Designs, customization goes beyond carpet color and the style of drapes–instead, the company uses computer-aided design software to e-mail digital drawings to customers, who can make adjustments and comments directly on the drawings to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Technology “Transports” Dell, NFIB Small Business Award Winner to International Growth

From restaurants on wheels to transportable fitness centers, Transport Designs’ product options are vast, and so is the company’s vision for how far innovative use of technology can take them.

Transport Designs stays up-to-speed on the latest [..] tools using Dell laptops to share customized digital floor plans and real-time construction progress with customers. Under Mattie’s direction, customers can also […] interact with the plans and update the designs themselves.

Small Business Owner Puts Technology in the Driver’s Seat

From the outside, one of these trucks may look like a slick 18-wheeler, but on the inside you might find something akin to a mini luxury home or a restaurant on wheels. Using hydraulics to expand the insides of a trailer, Mattie said these can stretch to 14 feet.

U.S. selects Winner for SB NFIB Excellence Award!

Transport Designs is a manufacturer of ‘truly’ custom motor homes, toterhomes and enclosed trailers. The company specializes in personalizing every detail of their products and works closely with customers to create a product fully equipped with unique designs and features.

Transport Designs, Inc – 2008 US Small Business Excellence Award Winner Profile

Designing and building a large array of custom trailers ranging from mobile restaurants to on-set movie trailers, Transport Designs attributes much of its success and growth to understanding technology and how it can garner customer trust and, in turn, a competitive advantage.


Transport Designs won the NFIB/Dell Award by NFIB

From left: Steve and Karen Mattie, owners of Transport Designs; Frank Muehleman, vice president of Dell U.S. Home and Small Business; and NFIB President/CEO Todd Stottlemyer

Are You An High-Tech Evel Knievel?

The judges found that Mattie’s company “stays up-to-speed on the latest in design software and hardware tools” and has been able to “share customized digital floor plans and real time construction progress with customers.”