Enclosed Trailer and Motor Coach Design Methods

Using over 100 years of combined industry experience, we’ve chosen the best products in the industry, many times borrowing from the marine industry the products used in this harsh environment. We’ve selected high end fabrics, electronics, power systems, plumbing, and finishes. We have the availability to finish our wood cabinetry using ultra-high end urethane finishes used primarily in the corporate jet industry. Corian, leather, granite, exotic woods, marble, and ceramic tile is just some of the optional interior trim packages. We offer Bose® home theater systems using plasma televisions and Internet-capable satellite dishes. We finish the exterior using overlapped seamed, riveted or bonded exterior .050 aluminum skins.

On the high end we offer a new product called Nobel Select™ – a smooth fiberglass composite. Crane Composites, the manufacturer, describes the product as follows: “Key to its performance advantages, the patent-pending Nobel Select™ panel is comprised of layers of Crane Composites fiber glass reinforcements and polyester resins rather than traditional metals or composite-wood laminates. Unlike traditional wood composite panels, the all-composite Nobel Select™ panel will not absorb water, which can add to the overall weight of the vehicle. Another prime advantage the Nobel Select™ panel affords manufacturers is a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Engineered to be free of board lines or voids, the panel exhibits a smoother, high-gloss automotive finish that performs exceptionally well with dark colors and graphics.” To finish the exterior we then apply a custom painted PPG basecoat / clearcoat automotive paint which may include custom painted graphics, murals or complete vinyl wraps.

Best of all, you can get your trim style, interior floor plan, and exterior design custom designed using computer aided drafting techniques. After your approval and once construction commences, you will be digitally updated on a regular basis, so whether you decide to visit (we are located less than 1 mile from the regional airport in Williamsport or 20 minutes north of Interstate 80) during construction or not, you can “watch” your design being built from start to completion.

Our motorcoach frames are designed around box tubing – whether all steel or the optional aluminum construction. This type of construction is so tough that we offer a 10 year manufacturing warranty on the structural integrity. Because most manufactures void the warranty of their frames when welding to chassis frame rails at any point between the rear axle suspension mounts and the front bumper, our attachment technique involves the use of high tensile u-bolts – not welding as many manufacturers do. Our main sills and cross sills are tubing with added structural for creating opening for the slideout rooms. Our design is so strong that we offer up to (5) slideout rooms.

Our trailer frames are designed just as strong and carries the same warranty. While most of the trailer outriggers are fabricated from the same structural support materials, the fender box area, where wall support is non-existent, a 4 in. x 2 in. tube outrigger is used for support on both sides of this critical area. The same tubing is also used as outriggers in the attic areas on all fifth-wheel / gooseneck models (semi-trailer construction is completely different). These heavy outriggers are used because of the intense load the attic walls take when attached to medium and heavy duty trucks.

After fabrication, the frames are degreased and coated with a commercial urethane product (Corothane) formulated supplied by Sherwin Williams for use in “Coating for steel or concrete which is immersed or exposed to splash zones, high humidity, sewage, or buried environments.”

All ICC wiring originates from a commercial junction box. The 8 ft. pigtail has a molded plug on the terminal end. Every wire connection exposed to weather is encased in a heat shrink terminal (including all ground loops). All exterior lighting is sealed in units with rubber bases or grommets and is warranted for lifes. On all our products we make extensive use of LED lighting that carries a lifetime warranty and ALL exterior lighting is manufacture by TruckLite one of the most recognized names in the industry. Because of the wiring products used, you won’t spend time troubleshooting lighting or cleaning bulb sockets or bases.

The minimum wire size used for wiring all trailer lights is 14 gauge; most manufacturers use 16 gauge wiring. Brake wiring is 12 gauge to carry the amperage required for efficient braking. All wiring, both internal and external, that passes through tubing or any metal section is protected by snap bushings and secured with grommets and fasteners.

Wall studs on all models are constructed from tubing. 1 in. steel tubing is used on Xplorer models, 1 1/4 in. steel tubing on Xplorer XL and Prolite, and 1 1/2 in. aluminum tubing is standard on all Silver Eagle models. Our truck conversions utilize either steel or aluminum tubing.

The exterior “skin” on all our products has a minimum thickness of .040, but most painted aluminum is .050 thick aluminum. This exterior skin is sealed with 100% silicone on all seams and the aluminum is either riveted using aluminum rivets or bonded using high-performance adhesives. All roofing is seamless aluminum and is .032 in. thick. A new addition to our exterior finish is a product manufactured by Crane Composites called Nobel Select NS. You can see more information at the Crane Composites website. In short, only high quality materials and fabrication techniques are used on each of our products to give you many years of trouble-free service when you choose to purchase your Transport Designs trailer or truck conversion!