Our Custom Trailer Process

Custom Trailer Quote

Assemble Quote Based on the Client’s Needs and Wants

After the initial conversation with the client we prepare a quote with pricing for all the specifications and options that we discussed. This quote will then be shared with the client to review and discuss.

3D Model and Design Drawings of Quoted Trailer

After the quote and the general layout of the trailer is decided on, we will design a 3D model of the trailer frame, and interior-exterior finishes with furnishings. This model is a visual communication tool that can be shared with the client, so they can view and request changes. After the model is approved, shop drawings are created for fabrication.


Edits and Approval by Client

Final edits to the quote and model are made by the client and our team. The drawings are signed for approval by the client and then we can begin the fabrication process.

Weld Shop: Frame Fabrication

The steel or aluminum frame is welded together in the weld shop. All of our frame designs are custom, which allows our trailers to fit your application and tow vehicles precisely. The frames for slide out rooms and any additional components are also fabricated at this time.

Interior and Exterior Finishes, Electrical, Furnishing

After the frame is complete, the interior and exterior finishes are installed. Our trailers are furnished with doors, AC units, roof vents, awnings, windows, counter tops, cabinets, and more. Everything is custom to allow your trailer to be as tailored to your needs as possible.

Custom Trailer Interiors